leaving Laverne Cox off of the Time top 100 despite the overwhelming support she received is an act of violence and erasure towards trans women

Pretty much this. She beat so many people that actually made it onto the list, but the people at Time really didn’t give half a shit. The editors had theirtop 100 written out over a month ago, they convinced celebrities to write little biopics for them, and then they left the polls open to humor us. Apparently the people at Time never expected a transgender person, let alone a trans woman of colour, to be respected and loved more than a british man. Let’s take a look at the online polls and crunch some numbers shall we?

Benedict Cumberbatch is the first person in the ‘artists’ section of Time’s 100. On the online poll, 90,271 people answered the question of whether or not he should have made it. 65.8% said yes, which, at a favorable estimate, means that sixty thousand people voted for him to be on the list. He made it. Good for him.

Laverne Cox didn’t make it onto the list. Why? On the online poll, 88,481 people answered whether or not Laverne should have been on the list. That’s nearly as many answers as there were for Benedict. However, 91.5% of those votes said she should be on the list.  Even at the least favourable estimaterounding that percentage down to 90%, she still had seventy nine thousand people vote that she deserved to be on the list. That’s 125% of the support that Cumberbatch had, but where is she on the list? Nowhere to be seen. Why? Because Time has chosen to participate in the willful erasure of transgender people.

To the editors of Time Magazine, fuck you. We know who deserved their spot on the list.



Inspired by the Scourge Sisters, this is a sequel the original “homestuck” inspired  Scourgequestthis release has a blend of styles, as is usual for my work. I’ve put much passion into the creation of these tracks. It will be on iTunes + Spotify in the coming weeks. 

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white nb people have a really fucked up definition of what binarism is lol

binarism is a feature of colonialism and western imperialism in which poc (namely black people) are forced to conform with the white gender binary system

its not the invisibility of nonbinary people in society, thats just called nonbinary erasure (like refusing to use gender neutral pronouns, say stuff like “both genders” etc)

before colonialism came in and enslaved poc, they were already expressing their genders in ways that european white people didnt understand and forced them to identify as either man or woman and entirely erased the genders specific to those cultures, wiping out a large part of individualism and expression in poc societies


Stop what you are doing and watch this.


this is a religious experience